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Contracts are legal documents that represent the intentions of two parties. But why does it take $900/hour for a top tier venture attorney to look over documents and sign off on them? Utilizing Large Language Models and intelligent visualization makes the process significantly simpler and more efficient.

Tome seeks to solve this solve this problem through using AI and enhanced data visualization that conveys the intention of the contract.

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Tome is looking to disrupt the $300B+ Legal industry by starting with Venture Capital documents. Today, they are starting by giving users a simple understanding for what's in their legal financing documents (term sheets). Our team helped build interfaces around a complicated set of Large Language Models to help understand legal teams and startups better understand large contracts.

Based on the client input and research findings, Lab designed a dashboard that displayed critical information upfront, including visualizations that helped clients understand complex legal terms and the implications of the contracts they were analyzing. Different colors were used to represent different sections of the contract, making it easy for clients to identify important clauses.

To ensure the interface was user-friendly, Lab kept the design minimalistic and easy to navigate. A search bar and a contract scrubber was also included, enabling clients to quickly find specific clauses they wanted to analyze. Tooltips and explanations were added where necessary to provide clarity and context to the clients.

Issues list on Tome interfaceTome Contract Viewer with scrubber

Lab Ventures successfully helped Tome overcome their challenge of explaining the insights generated by their LLMs to clients. The user-friendly interface they designed made it easy for clients to understand complex legal terms and clauses, saving them time and resources. The outcome of the project resulted in a valuable asset for Tome, who were able to provide their clients with an improved and efficient user experience