Poseidon Sales Enablement

Poseidon offers programmatic cadencing and sales enablement that allows Sales and Marketing teams to personalize and nurture leads. Poseidon handles templating and document sharing built into one easy to use product suite.

Poseidon Sales Enablement PlatformFinally, ROI on Social!

Poseidon's extension works on social profiles like Linkedin (others coming soon) to help you find email addresses and contact information, and simplify your sales process.

Poseidon Easy Button for Social Selling

With abilities like effortless omnichannel cadencing (LinkedIn, Email, Calling, and Reminders), research tools built into the platform, and automated sending of messages, you can come across personal to your prospects, know when they've clicked on messages, documents, presentations, or videos that you've sent to them.

Poseidon Easy Button for Social Selling

With the integrated Dialer, you can dial leads one by one, take notes, and triage by adding further steps in a cadence or booking them into a meeting.

Add documents, videos, and other rich media sales engagement content, and Poseidon will create links that are tied uniquely to each prospect, so you know whenever an account you are prospecting into is interested and know when to reach out.

Poseidon Easy Button for Social Selling

Automated CRM sync makes it so that activities that you perform in Poseidon are saved back so you'll always know what the latest is with a deal.

People love Poseidon on G2 - 9.8 on Customer quality