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Homes are built today largely how they have been for the past century, but consumers have increased expectations for cost, space, energy efficiency, and even ‘smart’ functionality. Blokable is manufacturing smarthomes at scale.

We helped make them make their homes smarter.

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Making occupants feel comfortable, safe, and secure

How do you design a 1UX (First time user experience) for a new residence? How do you get people to entrust you with their personal information so your smart home software can help keep them safe and comfortable?

We designed Blokable's onboarding to enable unit residents to 'pair' with their homes, and receive notifications about important happenings.

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Most home automation systems on the market today are still confusing and not very powerful. Lighting systems, security systems, voice interfaces, all still rely on external tools like IFTTT triggers to work for people. Working from 'first principles', we built scenes to have 'intelligent defaults' for the most common use cases homeowners have.

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Telling the Blokable story

When it came down to telling the story of the Blokable system, we worked with the team to help them express their brand and product as clearly as possible and establish media presences on Houzz.

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We love working on innovative new products that upend the status quo - and Blokable is a disruptive technology that has the ability to change supply curves in hot housing markets and to provide homes for those without shelter.

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